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Mid-Atlantic Brownfields Planning, Remediation, Reuse and Redevelopment Services
Mid-Atlantic Brownfields Planning, Remediation, Reuse and Redevelopment Services
Lewis Development

Transformative Redevelopment.

A forward-thinking redevelopment company with the power to change communities, Lewis Development targets properties that can be repurposed and reinvented.


Lewis Development is a creative brownfield redevelopment company experienced in all phases of commercial property management and partnered with service companies that bring logistical sensibilities and excellent solutions to every start-to-finish, community transforming project.

Lewis Development isn’t your typical developer. We analyze the complete parcel to formulate the best way to transform forsaken land into something viable again using affiliate partners Lewis Environmental and Lewis Property Services as well as other strategic partners.

Lewis Development offers another option to our client partners when remedial costs may exceed property values.  Lewis’ corporate facilities in Royersford, PA are a great example of what can be done to repurpose a site and reinvigorate a riverfront.

Lewis Development has multiple case studies that showcase unique challenges and creative re-purposing of land and structures with the best interests of the community and tenants always in mind.


  • Unique Understanding of Processes

  • Built-in Support Systems

  • Deep Experience With Brownfield Rehabilitation

  • Backed by a Sophisticated Management Company

Brownfields Re-Use

Remediate & Revitalize…

  • Site Discovery & Evaluation

  • Site Remediation

  • Inspection & Adaptation

  • Developing Improved Uses

Catastrophic Loss Option

Evaluating Opportunities…

  • Budget Analysis

  • Best Practices

  • Transactional Insurance and Risk Management Programs

  • Usage Modeling

  • Architectural Planning

Community Oriented

A Responsible Neighbor...

  • Ensure compliance with local & regional planning initiatives

  • Local advocacy engagement

  • Evaluating community needs

  • Vested in providing community value


\ CASE: 001

Riverfront Royersford

The Riverfront at Royersford has been an evolving development, but strategic planning with the underlying goal of benefiting the entire community was always the singular objective. Besides the Lewis Group, there are currently several businesses operating in the waterfront development ranging from an aerospace engineering, corporate sustainability, environmental services and bowling supply company.

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